Last Exit For The Lost
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All:My:Faults - Elektro gothic

Atargatis - Gothic metal

Blazing Sun - Electro metal

Difused - Melodic deathmetal

Flowing Tears - Gothic rock

Neruda - Noise rock

NME.Mine - Hardcore emo nu rock

Powercord-Sofasystem - Lounge metal

Stigma - Alternative rock

The Flaw - Dark rock

The SlimP - Dark pop

Violation Of Sound - Electro & Industrial




MTM Eventconception - Booking & Management




EROC - Eroc's mastering ranch

Frontmix - Audio engineering

Homerecording - Audio PC music forum

Lager9 - Musik produktions, Winterthur

Spacelab - Music productions



Mags + Zines

Amboss - Metal- & gothic- magazine

Darkerradio - Internet radio

Dark Heart - Online music magazine

Gothic&Art - Gothic webzine

Schwarzes NRW - Gothic magazine

Sonic Seducer - Music magazine




Martin - Photographie

Innerworkings - DJ from Sachsen (D)

Pianolina - Flash-game

Sanikas Reich - Gothic Specials of the Finest

Shadow Leverkusen - Discotheque, Leverkusen (D)

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