Last Exit For The Lost
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Last Exit For The Lost was formed in late 2002 by Melanie (Vocals/E-Violin). Since 2003 the band from Duesseldorf is collecting live expericene and has performed in Germany, Luxembourg and Austria. The bands musical style builds a bridge between classic acoustic sounds and pushing, impulsive rhythms and beats. These are fused with brute guitar riffs and spherical electronic keyboard arrangements. The sensitive vocal performance by Melanie endow the bands hookladden songs with a unique flavour. In July 2003, the first self-produced EP »Suffering« was released. The EP features english songs and one german song, the musical version of the poem »The Cat« by Charles Baudelaire. The bands debut made it on the »Battle Of The Bands 2003« sampler (Sonic Seducer) and was voted rank 9 among 50 participating bands.

In Spring 2007 our time together has come to an end. We feel it's the best that our futures move forward on separate paths. Thanks to all friends who supported this projekt! This webpage will stay online. Stay tuned!

Melanie - Vocals/E-Violin
Stefan - Guitar
Christoph - Keyboards/Piano
Christian - Bass
Roman - Drums

2003 Suffering (EP)
2006 Gloomy Days (unreleased)

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